Alma Rose Claire – The Perfect Mom Tote 

If you don’t already know, I’m a working mom with two boys in school. My youngest is in PreK & my oldest in Kindergarten. Weekdays consist of me taking the kids to school, heading into the office, going out on meetings, then picking the kids up from school. I work for a local magazine & I am always seeing what’s new and fun for the kids. Our weekends consist of taking classes or attending events. Long story short, I am constantly on the run. I wake up…gather my war gear & prepare to balance my work life and mom life each and everyday. This photo below is just about the perfect example of my daily life…deer in headlights look on my face while I answer phone calls and drink coffee…add two kids on my legs and it’s perfect!  

I’m always running around with a clutch, a work bag, and a purse with all the things I need for the kids. I am so excited to say…I can now have all of that + more in ONE bag…and it’s beautiful! If you truly know me (shout out for reading & supporting me!)  you know I am very forgetful! Mostly, because that is how I am wired…but also because my struggle with Epilepsy has ruined my short term memory! Having one bag to pack and remember is a game changer! 

This Alma Rose Claire is the most amazing mom tote. If your a new mom, it makes the most beautiful diaper bag. As your children grow it transforms to fit your needs. 

I absolutely love the extra pockets. Although I am very forgetful, I try to stay very organized. This bag has a hook for my keys, a special place for all of my cards, pocket for my phone, and so much more! It comes with a diaper pad insert, as well as a large zipper pouch. The metal feet on the bottom keep the bag off of the ground. I also love the bottle pockets on the sides. I no longer have babies, but these pockets are perfect for water bottles! 

If you’re looking for the perfect everything tote, the Claire is all you need! Get yours 👈🏻 here! 

This bag was given to me to review, 

nothing but 5 fabulous stars from this gal 👏🏻

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