The Battle of The Açaí

I love a good Acai bowl! I use the frozen Açaí packets and top with banana, strawberry, chia seeds, granola, kiwi, and more! I was getting the Sambazon Açaí pure. I got it at Whole Foods and only recently found it at Kroger/Meijer.

The Sambazon Facts


4 ct.

3.5 oz


Trader Joe’s Facts


4 ct.

3.5 oz


So based on the facts, the two are very similar…besides price. How did they compare taste wise? I really didn’t taste a difference. I truly enjoyed the Trader Joe’s pure as much as the Sambazon. The price is really what makes me turn more towards the Trader Joes product. To be able to save a couple bucks, I’ll be getting my Açaí at Trader Joes. I hope if you love açaí you can save a few dollars switching to Trader Joe’s brand also!

What do you put in your Açaí bowls? Let me know!

love from,


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