90s Baby

I spent the day with my mama at the pool. We used to spend so much time together there growing up. As we were laying out the new Backstreet Boys song was playing on the radio. If my 8 year old self knew 20 years later I’d be at the pool with my mom listening to a new Backstreet Boys jam…I’d been like “whatever with a twist!”

We went to dinner and I used the 90s pool vibes for fashion inspiration. This denim dress is so 90s and I just got it for 1.99! Yep! 1.99 at the Gap Outlet. If there’s anything I love more than the 90s, it’s a good deal. The Gap Outlet is such a great place to find deals. On the subject of deals…don’t miss these DIFF shades on sale until the 25th. I’m wearing the Daisy round frames…perfect 90s vibes. I rocked a gold choker and platform sandals. I honestly love that the 90s fashion vibes are coming back around because I don’t really have to switch anything up in my closet. It’s what I already gravitate towards when shopping.

Since this dress was a treasure find. I’ve linked some adorable, affordable denim dresses available at Old Navy right now. Not only are they so trendy, but sooo comfy to throw on after a day at the pool.


I’ve linked my gold choker and platform sandals. The exact nude ones I have are out of stock but they do have these cute metallic ones available.

We had dinner at the Tickle Pickle in Northside. It was so good. Derrek and I had the Bread Zeppelin. It was a really fun atmosphere. The names of the menu items were so hilarious! I highly recommend it!

I hope you have a groovy Monday full of 90s peace, love, and boy bands!


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