Never half ass two things…

You know the good ol’ Ron Swanson saying, “never half ass two things, always whole ass one thing!” Well Ron Swanson is right…but he’s also a man and men have that luxury of being able to get away with even half assing two things. Women on the other hand…do you wanna know how many things I need to whole ass?

So yea, yesterday was a wake up call. A wake up call to treat my body better, better organize my home and family, and take a minute to just breathe. < whole ass some things I’ve been half assing lately.

2018 has brought me sooo many blessings, opportunities, and love. It has also brought me the most overwhelming feeling of feeling like I have it together while at the same time about to drop it all.

“Flying by the seat of my pants”

I think this is because I have been half assing taking care of myself while thinking I can still take care of it all. But if you half ass take care of yourself…everything else suffers.

I haven’t been eating three meals a day. Stress makes me have no apatite, so during the most stressful times, I won’t even eat. But then I’m pushing my body to work out twice a day like a crazy person? I knew it wasn’t right, but I couldn’t snap out of it. And no, they didn’t say that was the cause for my diverticulitis, but I’m sure starving has been no help to my colon, to my brain, or my entire body.

Yesterday was a wake up call to feed my body right (as soon as I’m over this liquid diet)

A wake up call to Snap out of it and put my focus into what matters.

A wake up call to leave no room for unnecessary stress.

A wake up call to get back on track.

A wake up call to self care EVERYDAY!

So if you’re feeling similar, I’m here with you!




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