Blogging Vol. 1 – How I Create My Instagram Stories

I have been getting a lot of DMs asking how I create my IG stories 🙂 I thought I’d go ahead and share that with you all today! So here is my first blogging post of the new blog series.

I absolutely love creating IG stories. It really is so much fun to me. Beware though: using these apps make for work! -but it’s totally worth it-

Did you all see my IG take over on the Ohio Find It There IG account?! If you missed it, definitely go over and check out their “fall takeover” highlight. This was my first take over – and I was pretty intimidated by this ginormous account! I ended up getting so many compliments! As much work as it was, it was so worth the extra effort and personal touch.

So obviously you can’t make amazing stories like this in the IG app. I use two free apps: Canva & Unfold.

Canva is so great to make multiple different things – including logos! It’s really self explanatory. You just get in there and play around. This app is free but some templates you have to pay for. I’ve always just been happy using the free.

Here’s some of the items I’ve made in Canva:

Unfold is my favorite! I downloaded it a long time ago but never really got deep into it until a couple months ago. It has a lot of hidden features I never really took the time to discover until recently.

I did buy a couple of the upgraded story packages. I personally think it’s worth it for me, but this app is definitely still great to use without spending a dime.

Alright now let me show you around: feel free to watch the video below or check out my photos!

And there you have it! Go forth and make beautiful, engaging IG stories!! I can not wait to see. Tag me and let me know you’re enjoying them as much as I am!

5 thoughts on “Blogging Vol. 1 – How I Create My Instagram Stories

  1. I’m entering the blogging world a little late but with hopes I can be creative as the next. I may be contacting you soon. I’m hoping to launch later in the month and really have no idea what i’m doing but terribly excited to give this a try. Thank you for the information. Absorbing as much as I can. -Pam ‘A Forever Summer Girl”


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